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List of peer-reviewed papers that DO NOT support the alarmist view of global warming Questioning the Global Warming Science: An Annotated bibliography of recent peer-reviewed papers
This paper is the source of the "hockey stick" temperature curve used by Al Gore. Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries (Mann etal. NATURE VOL 392, 23 APRIL 1998)

"Very little confidence can be assigned to statements concerning the hemispheric mean or global mean surface temperature prior to about A.D. 900"

National Academy of Sciences Report on global climate change
Analysis of the stastics used in the "hockey stick paper" Factsheet about the report        The Wegman Report.       Dr. Wegman's bio
"the maximum supportable number for the importance ... water plus clouds 80-90% of the present day greenhouse effect. Of course, using the same approach, the maximum supportable number for CO2 is 20-30%, a web site advised by Dr. Mann, the creator of the famous "hockey stick curve"

Dr. Mann's page on

"At least three careful ice core studies have shown that CO2 starts to rise about 800 years (600-1000 years) after Antarctic temperature during glacial terminations" " In other words, CO2 does not initiate the warmings, but acts as an amplifier once they are underway", a web site advised by Dr. Mann, the creator of the famous "hockey stick curve"
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A set of data that supports the suggestion of a direct influence of solar activity on global climate is the variation of the solar cycle length. This record closely matches the long-term variations of the Northern Hemisphere land air temperature during the past 130 years. Length of the Solar Cycle : An Indicator of Solar Activity Closely Associated with Climate E. FRItS-CHRISTENSEN AND K. LASSEN, SCIENCE, VOL. 254, pg 698
(A similar chart is shown here)
Hence, a causal mechanism by which cosmic rays can facilitate the production of clouds in Earth’s atmosphere has been experimentally identified for the first time. Experimental evidence for the role of ions in particle nucleation under atmospheric conditions BY HENRIK SVENSMARK,etal Proc. R. Soc. A, doi:10.1098 link to description of the article
" time scales greater than 10 years it looks like the Sun has a significant influence on climate variations. This statement is based on the qualitative agreement between isotopes and proxy data for Earth’s temperature over the last 1000 years." COSMIC RAYS AND EARTH’S CLIMATE, HENRIK SVENSMARK
Space Science Reviews 93: 155–166, 2000.

cooling / Coming Ice Age articles (one peer reviewed)

Past Climate Change Beliefs

Variations in the Earth's Orbit: pacemaker of the Ice Ages

Science Dec 10, 1976

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