How to Make the DVD

Follow these steps (click for details)

  1. Decide which file you need
  2. Download the file (be sure you know where you downloaded it to.)
  3. Unzip the file
  4. If the file is an iso file
  5. The Zip File Contents
  6. Start your DVD burning program & Burn
  7. Print the DVD face (DO NOT use paste on labels)

Decide which file you need

If the DVD is for USA or Japan, choose NTSC. For the rest of the world, except Russia and France, choose PAL.

If you intend to run the program on TV, you will need color bars and tome at the beginning - choose Bars & tone. For all other uses DO NOT choose this version as teh tone is totally obnoxious.

Download the file (be sure you know where you downloaded it to.)

Click the word "Download" to start the download. These files will take 1-3 hours to download with DSL or Cable. Do not attempt on dial-up - they will take days.

A box will usually appear asking where to put the file. Be sure to choose a location that has enough space for the stated file size (stated in k). Also be sure to remember where you saved the file.

Unzip the file

Double click the file and follow instructions to save the unzipped file. This will require additional disc space about equal to the file you downloaded.

If the computer asks what program to use, that means you do not have an un-zip program and you have to get one. Several are available for free on the internet.  (Windows XP & Vista have built in un-zip ability.)

If the file is an iso file

The later DVD files here are in the iso format, This is an exact copy of the tracks on the DVD in a single file. Most DVD burners can handle this format. Locate the downloaded file and double click on it to start the DVD burning process. If nothing happens when you click on it, start the DVD burning program and follow the programs instructions or help files to load the iso file and burn the DVD.

The Zip File Contents

A DVD requires a number of files - they are all in a directory called VIDEO_TS. If you find a JPG file in the ZIP, it will be the artwork to print the DVD face.

Start your DVD burning program & Burn

We use Nero. You select DVD for the recorder the DVD-Video Files. That gives a box that asks you to "Add your DVD-Video FIles to the VIDEO_TS folder". We just drag and drop the downloaded VIDEO_TS directory to the window and click  Next. We then set the number of copies and select "Verify data on disc after burning".

At 16x, a 700k file takes about 5 minutes to burn and verify.

Print the DVD face (DO NOT use paste on labels)

If a JPG file was included in the ZIP, you can use it to print DIRECTLY on to the surface of an "ink-jet printable" DVD. HP, Epson and Canon make ink jet printers that include CD or DVD printing. We prefer Canon because of the ease of refilling the ink cartridges which drops the cost of printing by a factor of 10. Without refilling, printing a DVD face can be over $0.25, so beware. Unfortunately the CD-DVD print function is disabled on the USA models of canon, so we use Epson and refill those cartridges and reset the chips with a chip resetter.

DO NOT USE paste on because they can unbalance a DVD, which spins at a fairly high speed. Some adhesives also separate or buckle with age.