How to Distribute & How to Get On TV

Most cable companies have a facility that allows anyone to create TV programing for one or more cable channels. Usually there is a minimal amount of training in the rules before you can submit programs and a bit more training to borrow equipment or to use their studio (if they have one.)

If you can get cable TV, you probably have a public access center available to you. A list of these operations, in the USA, can be found at:

There is a lot a activity at some of these operations - many have two or more fully equipped studios and do several live shows on most days of the week and also broadcast tapes made outside of the studio. On the other hand, some are merely a desk where you turn in videos.

How to get started.

First, locate your local cable public access center: Check the above link, search the internet (that's how we found the above link!); ask your cable provider; look in the phone book; ask around.

Second, contact them and find out their requirements to place your programs on their channel(s), borrow equipment and to use the studio. (A few operations are too "shoestring" to have a studio.)

You probably will have to attend an introductory class before you can submit programming.

If you want to go further, you can probably take a class (or classes) to operate the equipment in the studio: lights, cameras, microphones, audio board, character generator, camera controls, tape machines and program switcher. At this point you can produce programs in the studio, either taped or live! If you need to borrow equipment to produce programming outside of the studio, you may be able to take a field production class.